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Shaolin Warriors

For Millennia, the Shaolin Warriors are renowned for their martial arts prowess, spectacular Kung Fu weaponry, and captivating feats of strength that test the limit of human ability. 

Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is at the forefront of Shaolin Kung Fu, helping to promote the culture and way of life throughout the globe. The company works together with actual Shaolin Monks, leading producers, and Wushu athletes to create original content for extraordinary venues. 

This presentation includes only the finest Shaolin Warriors and is unlike any other production available.


A similar presentation was recently featured on television, reaching a projected estimate of 1.7 billion views internationally. 

Lion Dance

The Chinese traditional Lion Dance is revered by many for promoting good luck and prosperity. There is nothing more compelling than inspiring humanity to develop the courage of a lion. For countless generations the Lion Dance has served as a symbol of courage and hope for all. Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is proud to continue passing down the traditions handed down for so many generations.


Dawn of the Lion King is a new evening LED light show presentation.The showcase features unique Chinese Cultural Costumes that illuminate with LED lights and aberrations. These rare Chinese Lion Costumes are operated by leading artisans and require immense preparation. 

With traditional Chinese Artistry and unique cultural elements, Dawn of the Lion King is a delightful treat for young and old alike.

Dragon Dance

For countless generations, the Dragon Dance is highly revered by the Chinese people as a source of inspiration and pride. To operate the costume, artisans must cooperate and work together in a seamless fashion. If one individual fails to cooperate, the performance cannot be accomplished. Therefore, the Chinese Dragon Dance is a symbol of camaraderie, hope, and triumph. 

Legend of the Dragon is an awe inspiring presentation featuring stunning artistry, original music, dance, and Chinese Wushu. The performance is choreographed by the finest artisans, combining countless elements to produce an original composition like no other. 

This presentation is a crowd favorite and was recently featured at the Los Angeles Zoo, Dolby Theater, and Walt Disney Music Hall.



Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is the premiere Dragon Dance, Lion Dance, and Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu live show Production Company in the industry. We provide compelling Chinese cultural services for clients across the globe. Our presentations include remarkable Chinese cultural artisans, awe inspiring weaponry, high flying martial arts acrobatics, stunning choreography, sensational Chinese dancers, and uplifting cinematic music. We guarantee each show is a spectacle sure to captivate any audience.

Elementary School Showcase 

We sincerely appreciate the Oakwood Elementary School for inviting us to perform during this Chinese Lunar New year. Oakwood Elementary is a profound academy celebrating the joys and challenges of Childhood development on the school campus.  It is an environment where it is safe to build strengths, as well as recognize weaknesses. 

The Chinese Cultural Showcase was a mesmerizing experience illustrating the importance and profound beauty of Dance, Martial Arts, and cultural artistry. The performance included a traditional Chinese Female ribbon dance,flag dance, Wushu, Kung Fu, and Lion Dance.  Take a look at the highlight video here. 

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